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My Market Insight’s Media View tool helps jewellery brand Pandora to stay connected to its global PR coverage and ensures it always up to date with competitor media activity in every region

The issue
As a leading global jewellery brand, Pandora needs the flexibility to create multiple different reports covering campaigns and product categories for both its own coverage and that of its competitors. There is a particular need to focus on certain geographic regions and to bring this information in a concise and accurate way.

The solution
My Market Insight’s Media View monitoring system provides a whole market overview of all key media coverage, which can be configured to focus on a specific geographical region, as well as that of its competitors.

The benefits
The consistent overview of all media coverage, which can be focused on particular regions and markets, has helped Pandora observe and evaluate new potential markets, as well as understand its competitors’ activities.

“My Market Insight is a perfect tool, that combines all demands. The monitoring system gives us a whole overview of all key media coverage. The screen and its configuration is very user-friendly as we work with it each day it is really important to have a high usability.”

Lioba Licht, Head of Brand Marketing Northern Europe



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