The Beauty Index

Discover which bloggers will give your brand
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The Beauty Index

The beauty industry relies on bloggers more heavily than most as a method of getting a brand’s message across to consumers. Bloggers are key to modern PR yet there are thousands of them, so knowing where to focus is a challenge. The Beauty Index is the industry standard leaderboard for beauty bloggers.

In calculating the ROI of any given activity, you may find that top bloggers are not the obvious choice – frequently it’ll be those ‘up and coming’ bloggers who will deliver you the best ROI.

Our full list covers the top 500 bloggers: their ranked position; whether they are gaining or waning in popularity; their social media sites; Twitter ‘handles’ and how many followers they have.

For many, it also includes their chargeable rates, giving considerable insight into the world of the more commercially minded blogger. This information can be of real value in helping you decide how and where to invest in this emerging media.

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