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Our Media Performance products analyse print, broadcast, online and social media, collecting and evaluating what the world is saying about brands and their products. We offer both quantitative and qualitative data analytics which help PR & marketing professionals measure performance, market sentiment, share-of-voice and the monetary value of PR.
Media View Print

Media performance Media View Print

My Market Insight ’s team of experts analyse the whole beauty market by reading over 200 print publications cover-to-cover. By giving you a total market view of who is saying what about you and your competitors, when, where and how often, your marketing mix choices will be better informed.

Media View Online & Social

Media performance Media View Online

We use sophisticated tools and methodologies to monitor the digital space, gathering not only what is being said, but also the tone and sentiment of the conversation across the whole market. Use this data to make more informed marketing choices that will deliver you stronger ROI.

Media Evaluation View

Media performance Media Evaluation View

My Market Insight’s proven methodologies allow you to: measure which campaigns work best; quantify the value of each campaign; track press release pick-up and detect quality, tone and bias.

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