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Developing and executing cost effective media and PR strategies is never simple, but doing it when there are over 4,000 competitive brands fighting for column inches is a challenge you shouldn’t face alone.

My Market Insight’s team of experts analyse the whole beauty market by reading over 200 print publications cover-to-cover, so you know who is saying what about you and your competitors, when, where and how often.

The invaluable insight and clarity provided by My Market Insight gives you the evidence to help make wise investment decisions, which reduce wastage and deliver improved campaign ROI.

It’s a fact that companies that use My Market Insight achieve 2.3 times more editorial coverage than those that don't. Our platform holds detailed insights from 2005 to the present day for every single beauty brand that has ever appeared in the press.

To find out more about how My Market Insight can help you improve the return on your PR and print media investments, download our fact sheet or contact the team directly. We’d be delighted to call you back and, if you wish, provide you with a product demonstration.

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