Competitor view

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Competitor view

Do you know what buttons your competitors are pushing to try and stay one step ahead? Are you aware of the discount and promotional trends across your categories, competitors and key retailers?

My Market Insight’s Competitor View analyses hundreds of retailer web sites each day and collects pricing, promotional and free gift details across thousands of SKUs.

The service is integrated into our sophisticated data management platform that matches, cleans and categorises the SKUs across all retailers. We then present the data using visualisation techniques which help you spot trends, patterns and opportunities at a glance.

To help you understand how promotions and discounts really impact sales, Competitor View gives you real-time, daily updates on thousands of prices, promotions and give-aways, across all brands on the market.

This allows you to make sure your products are perfectly positioned to maximise sales and profitability. Almost any FMCG brand can be covered by our service. From cosmetics to coffee machines, or fragrances to fridge freezers, Competitor View can help you make better business decisions.

To find out more about how My Market Insight can help you understand how your competitors’ actions impact on your business in real-time, download our fact sheet or contact the team directly. We’d be delighted to call you back and, if you wish, provide you with a product demonstration.

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