Data view

Stunning visual dashboards that help you
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Data view

The world is awash with ‘big data’, yet it’s not always easy to distill the knowledge from the noise. Knowing what is being said about you and your brand in print, online and social media, combined with knowing what your competitors are charging and promoting in store can give you competitive advantage.

At My Market Insight, we have been collecting and clarifying data for the UK beauty industry for over ten years. Data comes in many forms and with many labels for thousands of brands every day. We carefully merge and organise this data to get an accurate (‘clean’) and reliable view of the market.

Using our expertise in the beauty industry to configure sophisticated data visualisation tools, we can help you view this data in a way which gives you real business insight on the market – insight from which you can make informed and incisive business decisions.

Find out more about how My Market Insight can help you understand and improve your sales performance. Download our fact sheet or contact the team directly. We’d be delighted to call you back and, if you wish, provide you with a product demonstration.

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