Elizabeth Arden uses My Market Insight’s data platform to help it enhance the quality and quantity of their PR coverage for new product launches.

The issue
Keeping Elizabeth Arden ranked in the top ten brands in terms of AVE is a key business metric for Paula Smith, PR Director at Elizabeth Arden UK, and ensuring high quality, precise targeting of PR coverage across both traditional print and online/social has become an essential ingredient for measuring a successful marketing campaign.

Elizabeth Arden’s focus for this coverage is centred on science led journalism, so there is a need to identify which journalists and Social Influencers are writing with this perspective to help it achieve ‘on message’ coverage in the right media.

The solution
Using My Market Insight’s Media View Print business tool helps Elizabeth Arden accurately analyse the amount of quality PR from a bank of over 200 UK based print titles and adjust placement accordingly. Media View also helps monitor key competitor PR activity as well as providing empirical input for accurate promotional spend.

The benefits
Media View has helped Elizabeth Arden to more accurately target titles, journalists and Social Influencers who are most likely to generate the high quality, science-led content the brand is looking for. This data has enabled Arden to adjust brand spend based on empirical insights and ultimately consistently achieve high levels of AVE.

“My Market Insight’s data platform helps us identify the target journalists and influencers we want to reach for all our different brands as well as evaluate our campaigns to glean insights and key learning’s from to improve our performance in the future.”

Paula Smith, PR Director, Revlon Prestige Division
(Elizabeth Arden & Prestige Licence Fragrances)