In August 2018, 33% of skincare PR mentions were generated on Instagram in the UK and Ireland combined…

In this week’s report, we look at PR mentions for the skincare category in the UK and Ireland. We analyse print and online for PR mentions as well as social media for social actions. The skincare category includes face care (non-medicated), baby care, body cream and lotions, male face care, face care treatments, hand care, lip salves, sun care and skincare hardware and gift packs. We focus on brands and retailers that have performed well in the media and trends against key metrics such as PR mentions, earned media value (EMV) and social engagement.

With autumn fast approaching, the temperatures are dropping and the air is becoming drier, which is not necessarily good for skin. We have listed the Top 3 performing exfoliation products that will help skin make the transition from summer to autumn smooth and carefree.

This report also presents ‘Ones to Watch’ – a section dedicated to up-and-coming brands, the movers and shakers of the beauty industry for the upcoming year 2019.